Re-positioning SIFA


Business and Communication Strategy

Our team were tasked with developing a brand and communication strategy for SIFA, the Skills Initiative for Africa – earmarked by the African Union to boost employment amongst its youth population. The project exists in a multi-stakeholder and client environment with a footprint across 7 African states. To deliver on a strategy we had to understand the context of youth skills development, the various target markets, the operating context of TVET in Africa and the challenges the brand faced. Additionally this was a multi-stakeholder environment, so our project team had to help improve internal cohesion and collaboration amongst stakeholders and clients. 

Our experience with social causes, meant our team included Monitoring and Evaluation Matrixes into our strategy to ensure that strategy, evaluation and impact were always top of mind.



Brand status quo


How the brand operates.

Analysis & Strategy

Brand purpose.


Tools and tactics.

Brand Action

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Brand strategy
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Communication strategy
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Brand  strategy


Communication strategy


Brand  strategy


Communication strategy


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