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Employee Volunteerism


Throughout the world there is a rising tide of philanthropy. 

An internal volunteerism programme is a powerful tool to help employees feel engaged and valued. There are many advantages in volunteering both for those who serve and the communities they impact. 

It is an opportunity for employees to give back and  employees learn about the social projects that have been undertaken.

Employee volunteerism plays a pivotal role in staff well-being, development, motivation, work/life balance and diversity. 

The Plus You campaign was a means to encourage employee volunteering internally. 

Creative bridged the gap between employee volunteeriss  and the company’s commitment to employee development, motivation, work/life balance and diversity. 

Communication encouraged staff engagement by focusing on the value in time and kind. 

Staff Volunteering.


Call to Action.


Content and messaging encouraged staff to join a global movement of volunteers. Encouraging employees to select how they wanted to volunteer and how their donated time, could help make a difference. Messaging reinforced a sense of community, belonging, togetherness in employee philanthropy.

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